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Welcome to Crena and the Summer of Chaos!

Crena is a roughly Earth-sized world filled with magic and wonder and fraught with peril. This campaign begins on the northwestern shores of the Vinen Sea. Where it will lead is anyone’s guess.

Creating New Pages

Encounter Pages

While the Adventure Log keeps track of your parties overall adventures, Encounter Wiki pages can flesh out the roll-by-roll or blow-by-blow of particular encounters. This keeps all the detail without cluttering a Logger’s crafted narrative.

Starting a new encounter page is pretty simple—start with this template. The template suggests a fairly detailed record of an encounter with a focus on conciseness. For a more narrative (and therefore more time-consuming) example, look here.

Tags are an important part of any wiki page, and there’s a particular set of tags that ought to be added to any encounter page. Before you save the new page (thereby creating it), be sure to add the following tags: Session #, enemy types (races or classes), location, and the word “encounter.” Additional (appropriate) tags are, of course, welcome.

“Session 3” “Ruins of Voran Earthmane’s Tower” bullywug encounter “broken weapon”


This is a 4e D&D campaign using rules from the PH1-3 and Dragon magazines. Other sources may be added in the future.


All of the deities mentioned in the above sources may have worshipers and influence in Crena. Crena is one world in a multiverse and it shares these deities with many of the worlds. However, there is a deity who restricts his influence exclusively to Crena, The Unnamed God.


Phidreport Igronevill Summerbeck Fort Efyf Dennenne Blackhamdale Restwell Keep

Main Page

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