Summer of Chaos

A New Quest--For the Library!
With a new objective comes new challenges

The party woke early in the morning and had breakfast. Lucya and Jainsall of Enbalb decided to search the many shelves in the biggest room of the basement for any thing worth taking.

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Into the Ruins

What’s this?

There was only a short rest for the party to count the loot before Szelak and Jainsall searched all around the building for the aura of magic, while Mule—despite Jainsall’s objecting looks—hacked off the heads of their former assailants and stuck them on spears outside as a warning. A minute later, both Szelak and Jainsall pointed to the same place—a pile of rubble. After some inspection, Jainsall dug around in the rubble to find a skeleton. On the skeleton’s wrists were the source of the magic—bracers. They were identified as Bracers of Mighty Striking and handed over to Mule, who put them on. They fit snugly around his forearms as they changed shape to fit their wearer. The group was called over to the other side of the building by Lucya, who had found a trap door in the corner. She opened it and dropped down to find a swampy room lit only by two braziers in opposite corners.

More Bullywugs

Lucya looked closely at the back of the room and saw four Bullywugs, sitting perfectly still in and extension of the room. Lucya threw one of the heads from outside—given to her by Mule—at the closer brazier and spilled the coals onto the floor, alerting two of the Bullywugs and they went to investigate. Lucya then threw a slit waterskin of oil at the coals and it exploded, setting the Bullywugs aflame. The rest of the team quickly rushed in and slaughtered the bullywugs, collecting three leather armors, three spears and five javelins. After another short rest, Jainsall checked for magic and felt it emanating from under a toppled bookshelf, which Mule lifted with ease. Under it was a small bag with gems worth one hundred gold pieces and a scroll. Jainsall could tell that the scroll was the source of magic, and Szelak identified its properties and explained to the group that it was reusable. As they headed to the slightly ajar double doors that the frog beasts seemed to be guarding, Jainsall sunk into deep mud up to his neck and Mule had to pull him out. They then crossed the mud pit and peeked into the other room.

Bullywugs again?

The room was huge, and had massive frogs to match the size of the room along with some bullywugs. One bullywug seemed tougher than the others as it stood behing the mud pit that occupied most of the floorspace in the room—the Mudlord. The team paused to think of a plan, then sprung into action with Mule charging across the room with Jainsall in his backpack. Mule swung at the leader and hit him with but a glancing blow and snapped his greataxe in half on the ground. Jainsall leapt into action and struck the mudlord and Lucya moved in for the kill and shot it with perfect aim, killing it before it could even react. Szelak then forced one of the giant frogs into a group with two other bullywugs and then watched the bullywugs fall to the floor as she injected into them a thought that devoured their minds. A floating dagger struck down a stray bullywug minion as Jessica nearly killed the nearest frog with waves of blinding light. The two frogs retaliated and they simaltaneously swallowed Jainsall and Szelak. Mule grabbed his halberd and struck the frog with all his might, killing it and releasing Jainsall from its innards, who in turn said a few enchanting words to the only remaining enemy—the frog that swallowed Szelak—and it spat her up before collapsing to the floor, dead. They all took a moment to rest and collect the loot, getting a quarterstaff and finding in the leader’s pack one hundred gold pieces and two healing potions. To the side of the room was a door they hadn’t noticed, and they opened it, heading inside.

NOT Bullywugs


There, embedded in stone and spewing mud was the Staff of Earthen Might. Mule rushed forth the grab it, but before he could four mudmen sprang from the mud and attacked him. The group dispatched them quickly, but not before the mud men had done some damage and Mule had broken yet another weapon. Mule tried to yank the staff from the stone with brute force, but to no avail. Szelak tried too, with the same result. Mule tried and failed again when Szelak told him to stop the mud with his hand—the mud flow slowed noticeably. Jainsall and Szelak then willed the mud to stop, and the staff fell to the floor the instant the mud stopped. They found a magic item hidden by the mud, and it was a magical cittern. After identifying the properties of both the staff and instrument, the group decided to sleep underground, with Szelak keeping guard.

The Keep and the Tower

Spoils of War

The party searched the bodies of the fallen goblins and collected their six small suits of leather armor, four shorts swords, two long swords, two hand crossbows with fifty-four bolts to go with them and 387 silver pieces. Szelak added the bolts to its ammo, and they divvied the money among the group, giving one hundred silvers to all but Lucya, who got only eighty-seven silvers. After deciding who had to carry what they pressed on to Restwell Keep.

Restwell Keep


At the end of a winding road was Restwell Keep with two bored guards at the drawbridge. Jainsall greeted them and found that one was named Jonn. Jonn gave the group directions to the Traveler’s Inn—which he advised them not to go to—and to the Stumbling Giant—a tavern, somewhat better than the inn.


Once inside the keep, the group searched for and found a place to sell the loot they had aquired from the battle with the goblins. It was a building with two signs, one obscuring the other. The one in front said “Provisioner”, and after moving to see the other one, they found that it said “Trader”. Only Mule and Jainsall went inside with the stuff to sell, as it seemed unnecessary and even a bit awkward to have the whole strange ground to go in. Inside, the building was separated at the middle into the two stores on the signs, each with a shopkeeper. The trader—judging by the items being sold—was an overwieght man named Bosco, and the provisioner was an old woman named Grelda. Mule and Jainsall went to Bosco to sell the loot because he introduced himself while Grelda stayed quiet and offered ninety gold pieces for it. Grelda then offered ninety-five gold pieces for it, and Bosco offered ninety gold and five days worth of hard tack and salt pork. Not to be outdone, Grelda offered fifty gold pieces and ten days worth of the finest elven journey bread. Mule and Jainsall accepted Grelda’s final offer when Bosco didn’t offer any more, and Bosco stormed into the back room.

The Traveler’s Inn

Meanwhile, Lucya and Szelak went to check out the Traveler’s Inn to find it void of life save the owner. Lucya asked for a drink and he said it would cost five silver pieces, more than twice the normal cost. Lucya noticed that there was no fire in the fireplace and when the owner tried to charge them three silvers to light it, both adventurers left for the Stumbling Giant.

The Stumbling Giant

The Stumbling Giant was a much livelier place than the Traveler’s Inn, and Lucya and Szelak decided to go and talk to a rather petite woman who was sitting alone. When the other half of the group arrived, Lucya had found out that the woman was Jesica, a cleric of Ioun. After a bit more conversation with all of the group, they had invited Jesica to come adventure with them and she joined the group.

With Jesica’s direction toward the elaborately dressed couple in corner of the Giant, Jainsall hopped down from the group’s booth to obtain more tasteful quarters than the Inn would offer. Mule’s silent tail of the bard seemlessly blended with matters when he lifted his diminutive partner gently to meet the gaze of Randyll and his co-proprieter Elspeth. The cordial interaction ended with Randyll accepting 2 gold pieces for a night’s stay in his apartments on Jainsall’s word that the adventurers would hire an apartment again on their return.

Late That Night…

Jainsall asked Szelak to show her face once the group arrived at the apartment, and the travelers were amazed by her visage. All were now aware of her Living Gate origins.

After the group bedded down, Jainsall whispered to Mule and silently made his way alone back to the Giant. He briefly spoke with Randyll and Elspeth, who advised that the regions beyond the King’s Wall were wild, unusual and treacherous. In response to questions about work in the Keep, Randyll noted that he was always in the market for information.

Striking Out: The Chaos Scar

Jainsall returned the apartment key to Mother Arun’s care before dawn and the group departed for the King’s Wall and into the lands beyond. A half day’s journey found the adventurers at the entrance of the woods which held their destination. The party stopped for lunch and a short rest before marching on. Several hours later they came upon a ruined tower with hardly a second floor. The walls that were left were crumbling into the rubble around them, and the “roof” was hardly a roof at all, as it was full of gaping holes, but it was still in a well enough condition to obfuscate the structure’s contents. After conducting an inspection lap around the structure, Mule lead the group in through the broken archway.

Battling the Bullywugs

Once inside, Mule was immediately greeted with a javelin in his chest. Lucya didn’t follow with the rest of the group and instead decided to teleport to the roof and attack the unsuspecting Bullywugs from above through one of the holes in the roof. The battle raged on below as Mule tore through the frog-beasts. Just as Lucya readied her bow to attack, the deteriorating roof gave way and she fell to the floor next to the one she was about to attack. As soon as it began, the battle was over, the adventurers victorious as the last Bullywug hit the floor. After a moment’s celebration, the party looted the corpses and got two suits of leather armor, two spears and ten javelins. 105 XP each

The Convergence
The team meets and begins its journey.

With Jainsall riding covert “hind watch” in Mule’s pack, the pair found the Only Inn in Dennenne to settle for sustenance and a room for the night. Lucya landed in the hall shortly after the minotaur/gnome pair were served. After Szelak, clothed in an massive cloak to prevent offering even the slightest glimpse of flesh, entered the room, a stranger glided into the tavern and entreated each of the newly arrived adventurers to embark on a mission.

To be added:
  • The conversation with Oneus, including something about the Chaos Scar
  • The decision to adventure
  • The ambush by the six goblins

I don’t know how detailed we need these to be, and I don’t believe it matters what style the parts of the log are written in, but we should at least have the important parts here. For example,

The team entered a clearing and were caught by surprise by six goblins. We killed all the goblins and none of the PCs died. We each got 125 xp, no treasure was found.

would be one way to encapsulate the ambush, while options for exposition (if desired) include play-by-play with die rolls, narrative play-by-play, and general role (Mule dealt the most damage with killing blows on three goblins, and backed out near the end to keep from dying…).


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